Cool sculpting is history in the making


How Cool Sculpting Works:

Grant Stevens, MD, with 1 Hour Fat Freeze, “Cool Sculpting makes use of a specially designed applicator attached to a horse that administers cold on the affected body areas. To cushion the skin against any possible damage, a gel pad is put over the targeted spot. After this, the Cool Sculpting is then powered up. Immediately, the applicator pulls up the area in question and subjects it to constant low temperatures for as long as the prescribed treatment duration. Although a chilling, almost aching sensation ensues shortly after the applicator singles out the affected parts, your chosen practitioner will see into it that you remain fairly comfortable throughout the therapy.

Where Does the Eliminated Fat Go?

While this is a genuinely reasonable question that a layman might want to pose, medical specialists precisely know what happens to any dead cells in the body. Said in a simple way devoid of any convoluted medical jargon that an amateur might not easily comprehend, the dead fat cells just crystallize after they die. Just like the body handles all other crystallized cells, the immune system avails enzymes that safely rid the body of the defunct cells without triggering any health concerns.

Is Cryolipolysis Right for You?

Overweight individuals of all ages and genders are eligible for Cool Sculpting procedures. However, the non-invasive process is particularly ideal for people who are not very far from healthy weight limits since the procedure basically removes a few pounds by doing away with a little extra body fat. Again, ideal candidates for this impressive fat reduction approach ought to have visible fat bulges, be free from any circulatory disorders, and also be ready to maintain the new weight through calorie-conscious dieting and rigorous exercise.

Notable Cool Sculpting Statistics:

According to a painstaking survey conducted by the the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Cool Sculpting for fat loss is now one of the most popular non-invasive plastic surgery processes. In 2014, the number of patients going for cryolipolysis rose by a whopping 43%. These findings also show that an estimated 100,000 Cool Sculpting fat reduction treatments were performed between 2014 and 2015. Summarily, the promising figures depict this procedure as a highly preferred weight loss method among an increasing percentage of Americans.

Nut-shelled, Cool Sculpting is a novel non-invasive fitness procedure that safely kills and gradually eliminates extra fat cells. The process naturally eradicates excess fat cells by subjecting them to extreme cold that makes it impossible for them to thrive or survive. In the end, the patient not only attains a lean body shape but also enjoys cute body contours. Since many overweight people don’t seem to fully understand the outstanding merits of this weight loss intervention, this article highlights how Cool Sculpting works and its many lasting advantages. Continue reading to discover a few Cool Sculpting studies and their findings for fat loss.


The tell-tale impact of cold on fat cells was first noticed in Russia in the early 1970s. Children who routinely sucked on popsicles were found to have lost significant amount of fat in their cheeks. Leading medics were pretty unable to figure out the puzzling phenomenon until continual analyses showed that perpetual popsicle was the cause for sagged cheeks.

A couple of years after this interesting yet confounding revelation, top health scientists finally discovered the universal applicability of the medical facts and concepts behind reduced fat on the side. The fundamental process through which cold slowly eliminates excess fat cells attained the technical reference “cryolipolysis”. This unprecedented breakthrough received continual inputs from various health quarters from across the world as it evolved to the Cool Sculpting weight reduction treatment we know today.