Traditional vs liquid facelift

Facelift is a form of cosmetic surgery that aims to achieve facial rejuvenation by restoring the youthful appearance. There are two surgical procedures used to achieve facelift; rhytidectomy and liquid facelift. Rhytidectomy is the traditional form of facelift, and it involves surgical excision of wrinkles. It is the surgery of choice for eliminating skin sagging. On the other hand, liquid facelift describes a procedure that involves using fillers to fill facial regions where fat stores have been depleted. The decrease of fat stores in the face causes wrinkles and lines to appear. Jenny in sales at Cienega Spa adds, “The … Read the rest

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Cool sculpting is history in the making


How Cool Sculpting Works:

Grant Stevens, MD, with 1 Hour Fat Freeze, “Cool Sculpting makes use of a specially designed applicator attached to a horse that administers cold on the affected body areas. To cushion the skin against any possible damage, a gel pad is put over the targeted spot. After this, the Cool Sculpting is then powered up. Immediately, the applicator pulls up the area in question and subjects it to constant low temperatures for as long as the prescribed treatment duration. Although a chilling, almost aching sensation ensues shortly after the applicator singles out the affected … Read the rest

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