5 tips for remodeling your home

Hiring a professional, such as a house painting contractor, to handle larger, more complex projects can help to ensure that things keep moving nicely. John Frue with Friendly Contractor advises, “You would be surprised how much skill goes into painting.” A smooth remodeling project is always a source of joy for homeowners who always look to avoid the hassle that plagues those that do not plan, or make the wrong decisions when remodeling. Taking on the complicated projects themselves with no real experience or training is one such mistake that many homeowners make. Hiring a house painting contractor to handle … Read the rest

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3 options for IRS fresh start program


Tax relief options under the IRS Fresh Start Program

(1) Installment agreements

Jamie Sanders with Hillhurst Tax Group offers a scenario, “If you owe up to $50,000 in taxes, you may qualify for the IRS installment agreements. This will allow you to repay your back taxes over an extended period of up to 72 months (six years). Under normal circumstances, the IRS would only allow you to repay the debt within three years. This extended installments agreement makes it easier for you to repay your taxes without placing a difficult strain on your finances.”

(2) Offers in compromise

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